Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tool # 11

In addition to gloster, I like TenMarks, google apps, dropbox, Web 2, GoAnimate.

Gloster is my favorite tool for my special ed. students.  The students will tell a story by creating a poster on their gloster account, and uploading images, photos, clips, pictures, texts, etc. that convey meaning to the reader.

This training has improved my use of technology, and will definitely help students take control of their learning,  I plan to frequently use these tools, and subsequently transform my classroom to a digital classroom.

No!  There were no unexpected outcome from the program that surprised me.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Tool # 10

My students should be made to understand that being good digital citizens is comparable to being good citizens, period.  Just as one cannot remove another person’s property without permission, it is illegal to infringe on creative rights of anyone.  The students cannot visit unauthorized websites.  Students should also be made aware of the importance of their safety and security while using internet or social media.  It is their responsibilities to avoid any online act that could potentially endanger them, and should not make inappropriate decisions.

I plan to use, and have registered for it.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tool # 9

Tying the technology to objective makes its use relevant and it serves as a tool to achieving             mastery.
We should hold students accountable for the stations/centers to assure that they are contributing individually to the activity assigned to their stations.  Student accountability helps the teacher know whether individual student at the station has achieved mastery of the content objective.

I like the following sites:

Students in a station will have assignments with different levels of difficulty.  When done,     students will print and turn in the assignments they have completed.  Teacher knows who did what based on assigned levels of difficulty.  I have special education students that I work with on one-on-one.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tool # 8

1. I learned to navigate around an iPod touch/iPad and to set up SBISD wireless network.

2. Dell 2120 Net book has multiple USB ports for connecting a number of devices such as projector, flash drive, digital and web cameras. It also has microphone port, head phone jack, and SD card reader.

Managing the devices in my classroom:

1. Each student will be assigned a device for each period.

2. The teacher collects and inspects the device given to each student for physical damage.

3. Device will not be issued until it is time for student to do the assignment requiring its use.

4. Teacher monitors the appropriate use of the device by walking around the classroom making sure
student is working on the class assignment, and not completing the work from another class.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tool # 7

Content Objective:  Students will double the size of a photo without changing its shape.

Start Date: 9/5/2012

End Date:  9/12/2012

Web site(s)/Tool(s):

Project description:  This short term project is for students to see the practical application of principles of "dilation" in changing the size but not the shape of a figure.        

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tool # 5
I will use this tool to create assignments for individual students so that each can work at their paste, and it will enable me monitor what each student is doing.  Each student receives a logon user-id and a password that enables them access a given assignment.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tool # 4

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Google Apps will be very helpful in communicating with my team. I will use Google Form in eliciting answers to assignments from my students.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tool #3

I like Discovery Education because it provides a tool to download videos, and SBISD subscribes to it.  YouTube and others do not allow downloading.  To download YouTube to computer requires multiple steps using keepvid or saveyoutube then use tubechop or to create smaller chips from a longer video.
SchoolTube is another good one.  It it for students and teachers, and it is free.  Students can use this site to learn independently, and to study at home on their own.

Algebra I Video

Scavenger Hunt For Lengths | Free Lesson Plans | Teachers | Discovery Education

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tool #2

I was never interested in social networking until now!  I have realized the need to use Personal Learning Networking (PLN) for my students without compromising privacy.  I will be using Children,s book for ELL Instruction for my Middle and High School students.

I plan to visit the following site which helps in adding Math symbols/equations to a document.

Tool #1

Eureka!  It finally worked.  At first attempts, I was not able to enter a URL address.  The system allowed me to enter the title of my blog, but each time I entered a letter in the URL area "...", I received a message that it was not available even when I entered my last name.  Finally, it worked today, July 12, 2012 and I was able to create my blog!  What an experience!  It was very exciting.